Buying a home is an exciting milestone in a person's life. 

Whether it's your first home, a new home for your growing family, or you're looking to downsize I can make the process as easy and painfree as possible for you. I pride myself on being transparent and so I've created these straightforward steps for my clients to follow. With these tips, you'll be in your new home in no time!


Finally the home is yours! We exchange keys on the front door of your new home and take a picture for your facebook page! Now you can move in and throw a house warming party! Don’t worry, I'll bring the dip.

With an extensive knowledge of the area, I can find the perfect community for you and your family.

Identify Your Wants and Needs

Need a big backyard for your dog? Would it be nice to have a breakfast bar? Before you even start to look at listings, make sure you know what will make or break a house for you. I suggest making a like it, love it, gotta have it list so that you know what things are a must and what you can live without. 

Find Your Dream Home

Arguably the most fun part of buying a home is looking for your dream home. As your agent, I will work to find the perfect house that balances both your needs and your budget. With 16 years of experience in Napa, I know exactly where to find the right home in your ideal neighborhood. 

Find My Dream Home!


Buying or selling a home? 

Offer Accepted

Once we find the perfect house, your mortgage company will begin finalizing the loan details. During this time we will arrange to have the home inspected and I will address any contingencies we may need to submit with the offer. With my professional relationships at your fingertips, you can feel comfortable that I know the perfect person to get it done. 

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Talk About Finances

Don't go shopping without your wallet. Talk about your finances and the financial aspects of buying with your family, mortgage company, and personal buyer agent. This way you will know what you can afford and what all the costs will be before you fall in love. 

Buying a Home

Select a Realtor

When selecting someone to act on your behalf you want to make sure that you find someone who knows what you need and where to find it. Look for someone who knows the area you want to be in and what benefits and drawbacks come with that area. The more they know, the more you are prepared

Mortgage Approved

After the mortgage has been approved, we will do another inspection to make sure all of the required repairs were done correctly and there are no new surprises. We will also start finalizing the last few details of changing utilities over and arranging a signing date with escrow.